Abortion-Funding Charities Sponsored Vatican’s Climate Change Summit

Two major American charities funding abortion and the LGBTQ+ agenda are financing the Vatican’s three-day climate change summit May 15–17.

The summit, held at the initiative of Pope Francis, is showcasing radical leftist U.S. governors Maura Healy (Massachusetts), Gavin Newsom (California), and Kathy Hochul (New York), who all identify as Catholic but defy the Roman Church’s teaching on abortion and homosexuality.

London’s pro-Hamas Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan is also a featured speaker at the conference, which is titled “From Climate Crisis to Climate Resilience” and organized by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.

The summit’s brochure acknowledges the financial contributions made by the MacArthur Foundation and the Boston Foundation — cash which comes at a time when the Vatican is operating with an annual budget deficit amounting to 60 to 80 million euros since May 2020.

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