Archbishop Agüer: Synodal Cancellations

The progressive official party installed in Rome for just over a decade goes on in its policy of “cancellation” of those who, with freedom of spirit, seek to serve Jesus Christ in orthodoxy and Tradition. By “cancellation” one means all forms of ignoring, conspiracy of silence, marginalization, prohibition of publishing in media and social media, and even the cessation of functions of those who do not adhere “synodally” to the current Vatican ideologies and discretions.

Good bishops such as Daniel Fernández Torres, from Arecibo, Puerto Rico, were cancelled, as is known; and Joseph Strickland, of Tyler, Texas, United States. Cardinal Gerhard Müller was not renewed for a new term in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith; and Cardinal Raymond Burke was even deprived of his Roman salary and money. Others, like Dominique Rey, from Fréjus-Toulon, in France, were given “coadjutors” who, in practice, almost co-govern those dioceses. For their part, there are numerous priests canceled in different parts of the world; and they have even formed “associations” to help each other, and provide themselves with the basics for their sustenance. In some cases they have been left on the street; and they had to find a roof in the homes of their elderly parents, their siblings, or other relatives. I have already addressed them in other articles. I constantly receive emails, messages, and phone calls from faithful priests who do not fit within the official slogan “everyone, everyone, everyone”; and that, therefore, remain outside the “system”. The famous Peronist maxim has been imported to Rome: “Everything for the friend; for the enemy (supposed or imagined), not even justice.” Until the Code of Canon Law he would seem to be dead and buried. And, in practice, faced with accusations of being “indietrists, ash-worshippers, rigid,” and other similar qualifications, one can only expect the guillotine without further ado.

The lay faithful feel bewildered with so much arbitrariness. And they see how good priests are systematically forced to leave their parishes, or sent to destinations considered “punishment.” The much-proclaimed “peripheries” are the sites chosen for this. They are literally left to their own devices. Alone, without a priestly community, without resources, and exposed to all kinds of dangers, many encounter illnesses and crises there. Being accused of being “not very synodal” or of not being open to the “culture of encounter” leads to suffering various forms of exile. Or is the “encounter” confused with the grouting? Aren’t all believers called – not to mention priests – to have a liberating and personal encounter with Christ, and lead other brothers to Him? Or should the Lord now be replaced with “Mother Earth”, the UN 2030 Agenda – considered by its mentors as the “Gospel of the 21st century” – or the globalist impositions and the alleged “global governance” of the United Nations? Do those who, with a Pelagian imprint, seek to “save the planet” seek the salvation of souls?

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