Beware Of Papabile Who Can Be Blackmailed

After spending four years interviewing more than 1,500 cardinals, bishops, and priests, French sociologist Frederic Martel concluded that “80 percent of Vatican clerics are gay.”  Almost all of these homosexuals are living in the closet like Msgr. Jeffrey Burrill who was forced to resign as general secretary of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) after he was caught using the gay hookup Grindr app.

Today when there is much less fear of being charged with defamation by accusing someone of being gay or lesbian, why is it that both the media and Catholics do not want to address reports, or even admit, that most cardinals, archbishops, and bishops outside of Africa and Asia are homosexuals?  In a Tweet dated October 6, 2023, it was reported that Argentine celebrity nun, Sr. María Lucía Caram Padilla “revealed on Spanish TV that Cardinal ‘Tucho’ Fernandez, the new prefect of the CDF, is a homosexual.” Certainly this explains why Fernandez and other high ranking homosexual prelates worked together in promulgating “Fiducia Supplicans” involving the blessing of same-sex couples.  Because the Catholic Church has consistently taught that homosexual behavior, including sodomy, is both sinful and unnatural, homosexual prelates, when confronted with the heretical nature of this document, engaged in sophistry by claiming that gay and lesbian couples were being blessed as “individuals” and not as couples.

There are lessons to be learned from policy changes by both political leaders and Church officials in regard to the acceptance of homosexual behavior (not to be confused with homosexual orientation). Prior to the change in the Department of Defense (DoD) behaviorally based homosexual exclusion policy initiated by President Barack Obama whose election received strong support from the LGBTQ community, one reason for excluding homosexuals was the belief that they posed a security risk. If a closeted homosexual military or governmental employee were threatened by a foreign power with being outed, might he or she turn over classified documents to an agent of the blackmailing country?

A 2013 study showed that people are considered “less prone to blackmail if they’re out of the closet.” On the other hand, if a cardinal with a sexually active past were elected pope, might Chinese, Russian, or even US intelligence services uncover this fact and get him to support their causes or compromise the rights of Catholics in that particular country?

More than a half-century ago when most of the bishops and priests in the United States were heterosexually oriented, a parish priest got his housekeeper pregnant and was able to raise their daughter in the rectory without being forced to leave the priesthood.  “How was this possible?” one might ask.  The reason was that the priest knew that the bishop was carrying on a relationship with a woman in his town.  The priest used this knowledge to blackmail the bishop into not disciplining him. While the bishop died and is buried in the Cathedral, the priest, his housekeeper, and their daughter are all buried together in a large mausoleum two miles from the rectory where they lived. Unlike scandals like this from the past, today there are more and more homosexual priests being buried together like Fathers William Spain and Robert O’Donnell who are interred together in a cemetery on Oahu, Hawaii.

Sexual behavior on the part of so-called “celibate” bishops and priests has led to women getting pregnant and priests dying of AIDS.  While there are just a little over 400,000 Catholic priests in the world. It is estimated that priests are responsible for fathering over 20,000 children. The actual number is likely to be significantly higher owing to extensive clerical cover-ups which have involved forging or destroying birth certificates in order to hide the identities of the priests who fathered these children. Church leaders have gone out of their way to conceal who is sleeping with whom, just like they were reported by The Kansas City Star to have covered up the estimated deaths of over a thousand Catholic clerics who died of AIDS in the United States between the mid-1980s and 2000. The reporting of The Star was echoed by the findings of Dr. Joseph Barone, a member of the National Catholic AIDS Network. After conducting an “underground AIDS testing program” for North American College (NAC) seminarians in Rome over the course of ten years, Dr. Barone concluded that 1 in 12 NAC seminarians tested HIV-positive, mainly due to male-to-male sexual transmission.

Catholics would like to believe that their religious leaders sacrificed getting married and having children so as not to be distracted in their service and to conform themselves more fully to the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. What Catholics don’t consider, however, is how a gay bishop, priest, or seminarian cannot experience the same emotional, psychological, and spiritual fulfillment with a woman that a straight man might achieve. Hence, a homosexual cleric cannot “sacrifice” having a “wife and children” to follow Christ (Mt. 19:29) if he is psychologically incapable of entering into a meaningful heterosexual relationship. Homosexual Church leaders who promote the blessing of same sex couples are trying to invalidate this argument by attempting to change Catholic theology to equate gay unions with heterosexual marriages and even to embrace them, in the words of Pope Francis, as a “gift.”

The problem is not whether one is homosexually or heterosexually oriented, but how that orientation affects one’s self-understanding, behavior, beliefs, teachings, and interaction with others. How might a straight priest feel if his homosexual bishop were to promote a less qualified gay priest for a particular position over him because they both shared the same “secret?”  Could such behavior on the bishop’s part impact the retention of straight priests who might feel they were the targets of quid pro quo discrimination?  Might this discrimination also impact straight seminarian recruitment? The discriminatory situation in many dioceses today resembles a male-controlled corporation in which women are not afforded equal rights, recognition, promotions, and pay.

In order to make clerical homosexual behavior more morally acceptable, gay prelates are trying to convince Catholics that conduct the Church always believed to be mortally sinful is now permitted by: 1) Changing the Church’s teaching that sees homosexual behavior as a violation of the natural moral law; and 2) Reinterpreting biblical teachings about God’s mercy in a way in which hell no longer exists. Gay prelates like 93-year-old ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick may not have to fear eternal judgment if there is no hell and all the gay sexual relations he had in his life were as natural and moral as if he married and had children.

Had Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano not published his “Testimony” accusing Pope Francis of covering up for McCarrick, might McCarrick still be working with the Vatican  Secretariat of State that brokered a secret agreement with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) which is believed to give them the power to choose bishops?  If McCarrick were younger and he were not exposed by Richard Sipe, Boniface Ramsey, and Archbishop Vigano, might he be one of over 120 current papabile?

While it is rare for a bishop to be reported for sexual misconduct as happened in the case of Omaha Archbishop Gorge Lucas when he was the Bishop of Springfield in Illinois, many cardinals are given passes by the media who often cover up their shortcomings. This happened with San Diego Cardinal Robert McElroy whose  mishandling of Rachel Mastrogiacomo’s satanic ritual rape was not reported by most Catholic and mainstream media sources prior to receiving his red hat, as well as with Pope Francis himself whose cover up of countless abuse cases in Argentina was never reported both before and after his papal election.

If an African Cardinal who fathered a child or a South American Cardinal who groomed and abused seminarians were to be elected pope, might a government whose intelligence services uncovered this behavior use it to blackmail the pope, for example, into allowing the government to nominate those who will be named bishops in their country?  Might the blackmailed pope refrain from speaking out against this government if it committed certain atrocities or fail to confront its head of state – especially one claiming to be Catholic – if he or she supported abortion, euthanasia, homosexual behavior, or other practices that are at odds with the teachings of the Catholic Church?

In light of the potential for cardinals with “skeletons in their closets” to be blackmailed by foreign powers, a thorough investigation into the personal and ecclesiastical lives of the voting cardinals should be undertaken and reported before the doors of the Sistine Chapel are closed at the next papal conclave. Both the Catholic Church and the world cannot afford to have a pope who lacks the theological competence and moral credibility to address the myriad of issues that will arise during his pontificate.

Gene Thomas Gomulka is a sexual abuse victims’ advocate, investigative reporter, and screenwriter. A former Navy (O6) Captain/Chaplain, seminary instructor, and diocesan respect life director, Gomulka was ordained a priest for the Altoona-Johnstown diocese and later made a Prelate of Honor (Monsignor) by St. John Paul II.  Follow Gene Gomulka on YouTube or email him at