Fr. Cusick: “Pagan” Catholics?

Our church buildings that haven’t yet been closed as a result of Catholics embracing contraception and abortion with gusto in the 60s, along with the enemies of Christ, are increasingly under pressure from a growing pagan lobby, swelling like a cancer threatening the lifeblood of the Body of Christ.

Many of those who weekly come forward to receive Communion at Sunday (or Saturday evening) Masses rejected the Catholic Faith long ago. The abortion and LGBTQ lobbies have grown stronger like a “woke mind virus” among many of the baptized who have retained only a Catholic muscle memory. They show up habitually for Mass and receive Communion like they’re sleepwalking through the Catholic Faith while they vote pro-abortion and LGBTQ, show up for the pro-abort “Woman’s March” and sport rainbow flags on their bodies every June.

A parish vocal minority in Michigan rose up and engineered the expulsion of their pastor for supporting parents who reached out to him with concerns about a man invited to read a book to children in the parish school. They were alarmed that his civil union with another man might cause confusion among members of the community. To oppose the concerns of Catholic parents in regard to the purity of their children in support of an adult who has chosen the unforced error of a sinful “lifestyle” should be easily recognized for the inversion which it is. Alas, for some that was not so.

When remaining silent might be construed as approval someone must speak out. Here we have a case of a priest with the courage to do his job, as the only one charged with the responsibility of speaking out. When he did so there were cries of “off with his head!” Such is not unusual and not to be unexpected. Priests doing their job indeed say things that meet with disapproval. What has changed is the seemingly sincere shock and indignation on the part of those who attack the priest for preaching against sin and damnation.

To leave such apparent approval unaddressed risks confusing the young and impressionable. How to do so while respecting and loving the sinner is indeed a sensitive matter. Fr. Tom Held, the pastor, issued a statement via the parish Facebook page that addressed only the relevant issue involved, as brought to his attention by parents of schoolchildren, and which did not impugn the author involved nor mention his name. The statement in fact exonerated the author of any suspicions of inappropriate behavior.

But even this was considered too much for the militants clustering around the school and parish. How many they number and whether any of those involved in digitally attacking Fr. Held attend Mass at the parish will never be known. The existence, and abuse of, social networks will forever obscure the facts with regard to whether those who represent themselves as Catholics online indeed practice the Faith and subscribe to the teachings of the Church.

In my experience, as one stalked digitally by a local woman who has for years falsely presented herself as an authority on all things Catholic, the opposite is often the case. I have never known the woman to once darken the door of the church in over thirteen years as pastor.​

A Facebook group named “Remove Fr. Held” was mustered to oppose him. This points to an abuse of social media, a growing source of mental illness and social unrest. Bishop Gruss visited and preached at a recent Sunday Mass at the parish after the damage was done. A video of Bishop Gruss’ homily is posted on YouTube. In his remarks he did not completely exonerate the element opposing the priest and mentioned he might encounter a difficulty in finding a priest.

willing to accept an assignment at the parish. I doubt the heretics involved would have a problem with that. Elsewhere some have abandoned parish life in favor of “Communion services” at their homes in an effort to hermetically seal themselves off from any authentic Catholic doctrine or influence.

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