Pope Tells Dissident Nun: Trans People ‘Must be Accepted’

Pope Francis has said transgender people must be “accepted and integrated into society” in a private letter to the founder of a dissident Catholic ministry.

The letter was addressed to Sr. Jeannine Gramick, co-founder of New Ways Ministry, an organization that provides pastoral outreach to self-identified LGBT persons and called for changes to the Church’s teaching on sexuality.

Francis wrote the note in response to a letter from Gramick after the publication of Dignitas infinita, the Vatican doctrinal office’s declaration on human dignity, which she said “is harming the transgender people I love” because of its rejection of gender ideology.

According to Gramick, Francis responded by proposing an understanding of “gender ideology” which she “had not heard before” and, in a post on New Ways’ website, suggested that Francis’ expressed views mean he should be supportive of sex-change surgeries for transgender people.

But despite lamenting that “the same words mean different things to different people,” Gramick appeared to advance the argument Dignitas teaches against, and attempted to repurpose the pope’s condemnation of “gender ideology” into support for it.

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