WATCH: To Infinitas and Beyond!

The conversation discusses the document Dignitas Infanata issued by the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith (DDF) in the Catholic Church, which addresses transgender theory. The hosts express frustration that it took the Church so long to address this issue and highlight the importance of good teaching on the topic. They also discuss the Cass review, which criticized the NHS for its approach to gender identity services for children and young people. The hosts express disappointment with the gentle and cautious tone of the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales’ reflection on the issue. They also critique Pope Francis’ pontificate and the way his words are used to support various ideologies. The conversation touches on the theological implications of the document and the need for true leadership in the Church. The conversation explores the lack of clarity and strong guidance from the Catholic Church on issues such as gender ideology and transgenderism. The hosts discuss the need for the Church to speak out clearly and firmly, especially in Catholic schools, to protect young people from harmful ideologies. They highlight the importance of upholding the truth revealed through scripture and tradition and the need for bishops to show courage and leadership. The conversation also touches on the confusion and division caused by Pope Francis’ papacy and the challenges that the next pope will face in clearing up the confusion and bringing the Church together.