‘Devout Catholic’ Joe Biden Redefines Sex Discrimination

On April 19, the leftist administration of US Democrat leader Joe Biden published amendments to the 1972 Title IX federal law, widening the federal government’s ban against “discrimination” to presently cover “discrimination based on sex stereotypes, sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex characteristics.”

The Title IX changes are poised to eradicate due process protections included during the administration of former US President Donald Trump and consider “all claimed sexual orientations” and “gender identities”, including putting in place protections for cross-sex restroom use.

Since 2022, Biden’s woke Education Department has been cracking their brains to find ways to widen Title IX to permit transgender athletes to play on female sports teams and to use private spaces for women, including restrooms and locker rooms, as long as these spaces align with the “gender identities” of  these gender-confused athletes.

By dismissing the self-evident reality of biological sex, and replacing it with the personal and subjective sense of “gender identity”, the Biden administration is effectively enshrining the lie that “you are whatever you think you are or claim you feel” into federal diktats.

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TAKE ACTION: Contact Bishop William Koenig at bishop@cdow.org or 302.573.3100 and demand the excommunication of Joe Biden, thereby ending the scandal of Biden presenting himself as a ‘devout Catholic.’


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