Bishops: Time to Resist the ‘Gender-Affirming’ Juggernaut

Your Excellencies, you certainly “cannot encourage” gender-altering surgery, because it is an offense against human dignity. But you could forthrightly oppose it. And you didn’t.

The horror stories are going to multiply: A troubled girl says that she would like to be a boy, or a boy says he wants to be a girl. The child’s grammar-school teacher, saturated in gender-theory propaganda, hustles the child off to a counselor who specializes in such cases. Nobody tells the parents until a sympathetic doctor has proclaimed that the child needs gender-altering treatment. At that point, if the parents resist, law-enforcement officials will step in and threaten to take the child out of their home.

The “medical” procedures recommended for these troubled young people will leave them permanently scarred, in need of ongoing medical treatment, and, inevitably, as confused as ever about their sexual identity. Proponents of the treatment do not often talk about the need for continual hormone treatments, and the unavoidable side effects. For that matter, a friend who has counseled some of these troubled children reports that other troubling psychological conditions have been scrubbed from their medical records, to avoid pesky questions about whether or not they are competent to assess their own condition.

The very term “gender-altering surgery” is a grotesquely Orwellian phrase. Do you “affirm” your sexuality by carving off your sexual organs? The entire “transgender” movement is based on lies. And insofar as those lies are told to children, they become something even worse than lies. Better a millstone around the neck…

The ordinary antidote to lies is hard truth. But in this case the truth has regularly been suppressed. In the United Kingdom, when the National Health Service commissioned a study of “gender treatment” for children, and the resulting report concluded that “a medical pathway will not be the best way to manage their gender-related distress,” the response to that report was so violent that the author has been told, for her own safety, to avoid public transportation.

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