Bishop Stowe Commits Diocese to Net Zero by 2030 – What About the Salvation of Souls?

Pro-LGBT Bishop John Stowe of Lexington, Kentucky, announced Tuesday that his diocese is pledging to reach net-zero carbon emissions across 59 parishes by 2030, citing the inspiration of Pope Francis.

“This is our gift to Pope Francis on his name day,” Stowe said during a diocesan press conference announcement, explaining that the presser was taking place not only the day after “Earth Day” but on the feast of St. George, who shares the name of Jorge Bergoglio.

Stowe first alluded to Francis’ 2015 encyclical Laudato Si’, in which the Pontiff cited a “disturbing warming” of the climate as dangerous to the planet and claimed that most of this is caused by greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide emitted “mainly” by human activity. He also blamed CO2 “pollution” for “compromis(ing)” ocean life.

As Chris Morrison of the Daily Sceptic pointed out, “The political fiction that humans cause most or all climate change and the claim that the science behind this notion is ‘settled’ has been dealt a savage blow by the publication of a “World Climate Declaration (WCD),” signed by over 1,100 scientists and professionals.”

Led by Professor Ivar Giaever, a Norwegian physics Nobel Prize laureate, the signatories declared emphatically that “There is No Climate Emergency,” stressing a few key points: that earth’s climate has always experienced natural cooling and warming phases; that “climate policy relies on inadequate models;” that “CO2 is plant food, the basis of all life on earth”; that warming is “far slower than predicted;” and that “climate policy must respect scientific and economic realities.”

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