Abuses and the Priestly Vocation According to Saint Alphonsus Mary of Liguori

Whether we look towards our own Church, the Catholic Church, or towards Christian denominations, towards the ecclesiastical hierarchy or towards the secular world, towards ecclesiastical personalities, showbiz superstars, or celebrities from the world of film, in recent decades scandals regarding their sexual sins have grown exponentially. We often hear about such events affecting various communities, whether religious or not. Despite distortions and even exaggerations in the media, unfortunately, many of them are based on real facts.

Wandering through a world ruined by the consequences of the “sexual revolution,” where intimate aspects of life have become mere commodities, nothing surprises us anymore. We have even become accustomed to presidents, ministers, ecclesiastical hierarchs, or media moguls being publicly exposed for all sorts of sexual sins. Despite their frequency, we are, every time, disturbed by such revelations. And when they concern priests of the beloved Catholic remnant of Tradition, we feel like the ground is trembling beneath us. In such a situation, we owe it to ourselves to reflect seriously on an extremely grave situation. Not a sterile reflection, but one that helps us to face such disclosures. Although simple laypeople, who do not have the authority to make decisions on such matters, we can and must draw the attention of ecclesiastical superiors that their roles necessarily involve concrete actions aimed at protecting the flock entrusted to them. With all due respect, we must constantly remind them of what we expect from them: to be living examples of holiness and justice. And when scandalous situations require it, without losing sight of Christian charity and mercy, they are obliged to apply punishments to heal the harm done and to eliminate its devastating effects.

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