Prominent Protestant Pastor Warns Catholics About Pope: “He Has Espoused Unbiblical Thinking”

Distinguished theologian and author John Piper said Christians should “excommunicate” rather than “execute” someone involved in a same-sex relationship.

In a Monday episode of “Ask Pastor John,” shared on Desiring God, Piper was asked his opinion on the subject of blessing same-sex relationships.

The context for the question came from the decision by Pope Francis last December to allow priests to bless same-sex couples, provided the blessing does not imply that the relationship itself was acceptable.

Additionally, this was put under the context of comments made soon after the Vatican’s announcement, in which Burundi President Évariste Ndayishimiye called for the stoning of homosexuals in keeping with Old Testament law.

“I think the New Testament directs us away from the kind of blessing that the pope is endorsing and directs us away from the mob rule or the official capital punishment that the president of Burundi is endorsing,” Piper, the chancellor of Bethlehem College and Seminary in Minneapolis, Minnesota who served 33 years as the pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, said.

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