Michigan Diocese Releases List of Names Disqualified from Working with Kids

With the bishop anticipating the release of a state investigation into sexual abuse linked to the Catholic church, the Diocese of Kalamazoo on Thursday published a list of people who cannot work with children.

The people on the list have been deemed by the diocese to have been “credibly accused” — though not necessarily convicted in a court of law — of actions that disqualify them from working or volunteering with children at any parish, school, agency or institution within the Diocese of Kalamazoo.

“Individuals appear on this list because — again, I underscore, in the judgment of the Diocese of Kalamazoo — they have been credibly accused of actions that put children and youth at risk or, worse, that caused real and lasting harm,” Bishop Edward Lohse said at a Thursday morning news conference. “These actions disqualify and prohibit them from working or volunteering with children or youth.”

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