Group of Catholics Request Removal of Buffalo’s Bishop

A group of local Catholics is asking Pope Francis to remove Bishop Michael W. Fisher as head of the Diocese of Buffalo, saying Fisher has provided no spiritual leadership to the faithful and is focused solely on the monetary concerns of a diocese reeling from clergy sex abuse lawsuits and a contentious Chapter 11 bankruptcy case in its fourth year.

A letter signed by Anthony Bonaventura, Marie Carrubba, Paul Eberz, Mike Liwicki and Mike Taheri was sent to the Vatican earlier this week and gave a scathing assessment of Fisher’s leadership of the diocese since his installation in 2021.

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“Our diocese needs a bishop who is merciful and walks with his flock in good times and bad. Instead, our present bishop remains glued to the inside of the chancery. He has no presence in this community and has a misguided focus,” the letter states.

The letter criticized Fisher for providing “virtually no ministry or outreach to the poor,” while the diocese uses money donated from parishioners to feed the appetite of “hungry lawyers” who have made a collective $14.8 million in legal fees since the start of the bankruptcy in 2020.

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