‘Devout Catholic’ Joe Biden Is a Product of Church Apathy

When President Joe Biden was asked by EWTN correspondent Owen Jensen what Easter means to him, he responded, “Time for forgiveness and people getting together, and a little bit of love and no phoniness. Be straight with people.”

At first hearing, it might be shocking to hear a self-professed Catholic define Easter without mention of Christ and either His death or Resurrection—with neither suffering nor sin. Yet perhaps it shouldn’t be.

Sadly, it is possible in many parishes to attend Easter services and hear the homilist utter none of the messages of the gravity of sin, the enormity of suffering, or the need for personal conversion. Instead, Easter is as it is in the secular world—a celebration that few remember the origins of and which we continue for the sake of the children. They enjoy the Easter egg hunts, after all.

This indifferentism that borders on agnosticism is mirrored throughout the liturgical year, wherein the message of Christ is replaced with a neutered gospel that goes something like “tolerate everything, applaud everyone, and never make anyone uncomfortable.”

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TAKE ACTION: Contact Bishop William Koenig at bishop@cdow.org or 302.573.3100 and demand he excommunicate Joe Biden, thereby stopping the scandal of allowing Biden to present himself as a ‘devout Catholic.’