Francis Literally Digs His Own Grave

In the Roman Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, “restoration work” is currently being carried out.

In reality, according to Guénois, what is called “restoration work” is a tomb being prepared for Francis. “I want to be buried in Santa Maria Maggiore,” he said in an interview on 13 December last year.

Guénois observes that Francis’ image “is always good” in the [anti-clerical] media of the oligarchs, while the climate in the Church is deteriorating: “In the Vatican, the atmosphere is more tense than ever; in the local parishes, there is confusion”.

He writes that “more than half of the world’s bishops” [all from areas where the Church is not in numerical and moral decadence] have rejected Francis’ homosexual propaganda piece “Fiducia supplicans”.

He quotes a cardinal living in Rome who calls Fiducia supplicans ‘the drop of water that made the cup overflow’, provoking an unprecedented fragmentation and polarisation in the Church.

Even in the Roman Curia, Fiducia supplicans has discouraged whole groups of prelates, especially bishops, who until then had been “rather loyal to Francis”.

Something similar happened to Tucho Fernández. After “Fiducia supplicans” and the discovery of his pornographic works, he “lost his credibility and authority”.

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