Benedict’s Biographer BLASTS Bergoglio’s Book

Was Benedict XVI. just a “transitional pope”? His successor Francis recently expressed this assessment. Now Benedict’s biographer Peter Seewald contradicts the Pontiff and accuses him of “double-tracking” in his dealings with his predecessor.

The author Peter Seewald has assessed Pope Benedict XVI. (2005-2013) as “transitional pope” was contradicted by his successor Francis. Benedict XVI In the almost eight years of his pontificate, he set “decisive course” and made history as pope, said Seewald, who wrote a biography of Benedict XVI in 2020. published on Monday in an interview with the “Catholic Sunday newspaper for the Diocese of Regensburg” (this week’s edition).

“Many of the reforms that made Pope Francis popular were actually initiated by Benedict XVI,” Seewald continued. Examples he cited included the introduction of open synods of bishops and the restructuring of the Vatican’s finances. “In addition, he is considered the greatest theologian who ever sat on the chair of Peter and as the modern doctor of the church.” Benedict XVI made sure that the ship of Peter stayed on course. “Last but not least, his resignation, the first of a truly ruling pontiff, has changed the papacy in a way that it has never been changed in modern times. A ‘transitional pope’? Well,” explained Seewald.

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