The St. Gallen Mafia and Orwellian Francis

In George Orwell’s 1984, no one is supposed to know about anything predating the Revolution that put the now-dominant Party in power.  In Orwell’s dystopian prophecy, the records must all be redacted, the memories must all be censored, and the statues must all been renamed to align with the Party’s official account of history.

In an eerily similar way, under the current regime of Pope Francis, a dubious history of the 2005 conclave is now being recirculated.  With his new interview on the 2005 papal election, Francis is retelling an edited version of history promoted by the St. Gallen mafia—the group of high-ranking Churchmen opposed to the papal election of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

Ultimately, this official Party narrative looks less like a history than a hit piece—an Orwellian attack against the late Pope Benedict XVI.  So let’s examine the Party’s key evidentiary records: a conclave diary, a cardinal’s “confession,” and a new papal interview.

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