WATCH: Protect the Vulnerable


U.S. Bishops are complicit in this human tragedy, banking billions in government grants enabling the exploitation of illegal immigrants.

There’s a new ad airing in several swing states ahead of November, and it has the kind of transcendent power that can shape not only elections but the character of whole nations.
The video’s title is “Protect the Vulnerable,” and it’s produced by leading Catholic advocacy group CatholicVote.

I won’t spoil the video by dissecting and summarizing it in print. Instead, I ask that you please stop and watch it now—it’s only half a minute long.

To fully appreciate how important a video like CatholicVote’s is, remember that conservatives addressing border security with this kind of heart and empathy for the vulnerable would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

The rates of illegal immigration under Joe Biden are unprecedented. But in a way, there’s been nothing new about most of the debates on this topic for 20 years. And while it’s now finally coming to a head in full view of the public eye, politicians long ago began turning the border into a lawless warzone ruled by cruel crime syndicates.

Democrats and other establishment politicians year after year after year have staved off the urgent moral concerns at the border. As long as big political and corporate interests can keep using migrants as wage slaves and driving American citizens’ wages down to save a buck for themselves, no amount of trauma and bloodshed matters to our elites.

And I mean bloodshed.
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TAKE ACTION: Tell Bishops to stop enabling the illegal invasion of our nation.


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