TAKE ACTION: Tell Bishop Koenig to Excommunicate Joe Biden

Joe Biden not only proclaimed Easter Sunday as ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’, he also banned Christian-themed designs from being submitted to the White House’s Easter-themed art contest.  In March, LifeSite News called for the excommunication of Joe Biden due to his anti-Catholic positions in support of abortion, homosexuality and transgenderism.  Archbishop Viganò has also now called for Biden’s excommunication.

Bishop William Koening, the Bishop of Wilmington, has thus far failed to excommunication Biden for his scandalous behavior.    What kind of message is Bishop Koening sending to Catholics around the world?

TAKE ACTION: Contact Bishop William Koenig at bishop@cdow.org or 302.573.3100 and demand he excommunicate Joe Biden, thereby stopping the scandal of allowing Biden to present himself as a ‘devout Catholic.’