Bishop Seitz Calls Border Controls ‘Transparently Political’ and ‘Racist’

Doesn’t Bishop Seitz believe illegal immigration is a crime?

National Catholic Reporter provides some details about Bishop Mark Seitz recent lecture at Fairfield University:

“The attack on Annunciation House represents an escalation in Texas’ efforts in recent years to militarize the border and to enact legislation criminalizing migration and people who migrate,” Seitz said.

“You have seen the Humvees and the concertina wire and the National Guardsmen on the television,” said Seitz, who described those scenes as “transparently political” and part of a “broader, brutal, historical project in Texas to criminalize and police people who migrate.”

Said Seitz, “People of faith have a duty to resist these racist projects.”

Does Bishop Seitz not understand that the vast majority of these so-called “migrants” actually illegally entered the United States across our southern border? Since the Biden administration has refused to enforce our federal immigration laws, Texas is doing its best to curb the illegal invasion into the state.

Bishop Seitz should remember that the Catholic Church teaches that trying to intentionally deceive others is a sin.

TAKE ACTION: Contact Bishop Seitz at 915-872-8419 or and tell him to get out of the business of trafficking illegal aliens.