WATCH: The Homily That Should Be Viewed By Every Bishop Worldwide

Terry Barber of Virgin Most Powerful Radio asks Bishop Strickland for his reaction to a homily given by Fr. Jeffrey Kirby. After viewing the homily Bishop Strickland responded by stating:

It says exactly what needs to be said.

This should be presented to every Conference of Bishops in the world, starting with the USCCB, the US Conference of Bishops.

And, for our own sake, as Bishops, we’re just men, we’re called to be convicted, as the priest said, convicted in Jesus Christ, just like every baptized person, and too many aren’t.

I don’t hold myself up as some wonderful example, but I’m proud to be able to say, well maybe I’ve suffered a little or I’ve been pushed back a little because I’ve tried my best.

I’m still alive, I’m 65, I lived a lot longer than St. Charles Borromeo, so maybe to die of exhaustion is a challenge that I face.

But we need to live the Gospel, we need to really believe it, and this priest, I applaud him.

I hope he doesn’t get in trouble with his Bishop.

But too often, that’s what happens, and it needs to stop!

We need to stop allowing Bishops to silence priests for simply proclaiming the Gospel and being focused on the salvation of souls.

What are we here for if not that?

And so, I applaud this priest and support him.

I’d love to meet him.

And thankfully, he’s not alone.

Ironically, maybe that’s where we are headed – where the people will demand, not the Emperors of our time, not the world leaders, they’re on the wrong page, but hopefully the people will demand reform.

And I think that’s already beginning.

I think people are fed-up with a fake Church that takes them to Hell.

That isn’t the Church!

To wallow in this world and to forget we’re to repent of our sins?

This priest really hit the nail on the head several times.

We need to deeply reflect, during this Holy Week, that we are we are the Church that flowed from the wounded side of Christ in the form of blood and water as he gave his life poured himself out.