Cardinal Grech Sets Out Vision for ‘Rainbow’ Synodal Church

The Secretary General of the Vatican’s Synod of Bishops used an interview with a Swiss newspaper last week to lay out a vision for the Church, which addressed several contentious issues, including women’s ordination, same-sex blessings, and division among the world’s bishops.

In the March 21 interview Cardinal Mario Grech described that he believes synodality can help the Church move from “uniformity of thought” to “unity in difference,” while reshaping the exercise of authority within global Catholicism.

As the chief organizer of the global synod of synodality, Grech’s comments give a likely indication of how the final phases of the synodal process will play out, and could form the basis for a future reforming agenda during the next conclave.

Cardinal Grech traveled to Switzerland last week at the invitation of the local bishops’ conference, holding several meetings and giving interviews on the synodal process and the state of the Church.

Speaking to Corriere del Ticino, the cardinal described how synodality means “not just walking together but listening to each other.”

“In the Church of listening, the bishops feel the people of God, and Peter also needs to listen.”

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