Cecilia’s Funeral & Theology of the Beaten Dog

We wake up every day to signs of a civilization in free fall. Cratering with it is the moral authority of the Roman Church under the captaincy of Pope Francis. One signal in particular stands out: last month’s funeral circus at St. Patrick’s Cathedral for transgender activist, prostitute, and sex-worker advocate, Cecilia Gentili. The entire production exhaled the rancid breath of Bergoglian accompaniment.

Much has already been said about the funeral (see hereherehere, and elsewhere). What has not been said is any recognition of the thing for what it was: an act of war.

And the archdiocese ceded the battle.

The decivilizing aggression of transgenderism and the sentimentalized malice of its ideologues won the day. That was openly stated by Rio Sofia (she/her). Currently co-director of Queer| Art and a specialist in the intersection of art and trans liberation, she crowed: “It’s a day to celebrate the fact that we flooded St. Patrick’s Cathedral with trans people. That was nothing less than historic.”

Equally notable was Gentili’s earlier call to arms. Quoted in Vogue’s tribute to his “matriarchal” legacy, he marshaled his forces: “I’m asking all my transpeople, please, please, always terrorize cisgender people. Sometimes it doesn’t take much, you just have to show up!” So they did.

Vogue quotes Gentili screaming at a party:“There’s no one better than the trannies. Y’all, we are f****** everything!” During last June’s all-trans music festival along the Williamsburg waterfront, he rallied the troops: “I want all the faggotry. I want all the tranny behavior.”

When militant faggotry brought tranny behavior to St. Patrick’s, the New York Archdiocese withdrew behind a feeble effort at damage-control. It issued a shocked—shocked!—claim to have been blind sided. Who knew that Cecilia was an altered male! On the defensive, Cardinal Dolan broadcast a sarcastic reminder that “We don’t do FBI checks on people who want to be buried.”

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