Archbishop Viganò Excoriates Wisconsin Bishop Incorporating Shaman Ritual into Chrism Mass

Bishop John Powers recently celebrated the annual Chrism Mass in his diocese of Superior, Wisconsin accompanied by a pagan Shaman ritual at the beginning of the Mass.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò took to Twitter to admonish the sacrilegious event. In his tweet, Vigno stated:

“Powers of abomination” – The Chrism Mass, arbitrarily moved to March 19, the Solemnity of Saint Joseph, is a compendium of the most abominable liturgical horrors that the conciliar “church” has originated since the beginning.

The shamanic ceremony at the beginning of the function constitutes a sacrilegious act that desecrates the Cathedral l of the diocese of Superior (WI) on the very day on which the Holy Chrism is consecrated. This makes Bishop Powers, present at the rite, responsible for a very serious sacrilege and for the scandal caused to those present. This is not a Successor of the Apostles, but a servant of Freemasonry. The way he celebrates Mass reveals his total alienation from the Divine Mysteries. A squalid official of the ecumenical religion, a dutiful executor of Santa Marta’s wishes.

What is “comforting” – so to speak – is to see that the participants in the profanations of the Bergoglian sect are almost all of advanced age (especially the shamans, who are truly pathetic). The generation of Vatican II, sterile and senescent, is heading towards the sunset.

It is up to Catholics to organize themselves, in the absence of legitimate Authority, to ensure the traditional training of tomorrow’s priests, faithful to the Apostolic Mass.


TAKE ACTION: Contact Bishop Powers at 715-394-0230 or and let him know what you think.