Cartels Use Kids, Biden Naps and Bishops Cash the Checks

NOTE: The amount of $122,574,428 illustrated in image above is the actual amount the USCCB received in federal grants and contracts for “Migration and Refugee Services” in 2022 (see USCCB financial statement, page 14).

The Stream has reported frequently on how religious charities, especially those controlled by Catholic bishops, profit from each illegal immigrant they help coyotes and human traffickers smuggle into our country. They do this while moralistically preening about how they “welcome the stranger.” Maybe such Christian leaders ought to read this heartbreaking essay from The Federalist about how little brown kids are used as cheap, disposable pawns in the immigration game, objectified as “golden tickets” into the States. Many of those kids end up as victims in the sick underground sex trade depicted in Sound of Freedom — whose star, Eduardo Verastegui, wrote a piece here begging America to build the wall to protect those kids from our deviants.

From the piece:

The cartels worship their evil gods, and they put guns in the hands of children often enough that we leave them by when we find them on the water. They operate slave markets — we should call them what they are — in which children are bought and sold to increase the chances that the norteamericanos will admit a supposed family unit, and also to provide supply to the vile and ravenous market in sex.

They do this often enough that we find documentary evidence in the dirt.

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