Have You No Decency, Holy Father?

Ideology is not the same thing as religion. Most religions, even though often wrong about many things, seek to better the person practicing it; they have similar moral codes, which typically include kindness to those less fortunate and decency toward others. Ideology, on the other hand, cares little for individual persons and focuses completely on the goals of The Cause. Things like kindness and decency are jettisoned in pursuit of those goals. Think of the difference between a Quaker and a Communist: which would you rather have as a neighbor?

I bring this up because of the recently released memoirs of Pope Francis. At one point in the included interviews, the subject of the Covid vaccines came up. I’m not here to re-litigate either the morality and effectiveness of the vaccines. We covered this topic in-depth here at Crisis, and to be honest, what we said back then has turned out to be completely true. In short, the vaccines were tainted with abortion and the morality of taking them was at the very least questionable. No one was morally required to receive the vaccines, as even the Vatican acknowledged. As to effectiveness, only the most hard-core ideologues still think the vaccines were able to stop or even substantially slow the spread of Covid. People of good will now recognize the vaccines at best simply lessened the symptoms in some people, and at worst caused more injuries than they prevented.

Sadly, Pope Francis appears to be one of those hard-core ideologues, not a person of good will. And like most ideologues, he is happy to deny reality and to demean and disparage any who might disagree with him. He stated that “being against the antidote [the Covid vaccines] is an almost suicidal act of denial.” Considering the fact that there is absolutely no evidence that the Covid vaccines prevented deaths on any significant scale (and likely caused deaths in some who took them), this statement is itself an “act of denial:” a denial of reality. But this is the way of the ideologue: reality and facts don’t matter; all that matters is The Cause.

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