Following the Unfaithful

A well-known tactic in political circles is to release a “survey” that supports a predetermined conclusion. For example, a Republican PAC might send out a survey to its base asking “Do you think Joe Biden is right about the 2nd amendment?” Or the Democrats might ask if Trump is the next Hitler. Then the results will be touted as proof of massive support for the forgone conclusion.

This doesn’t just happen in political circles, though, as is clear from a recently released research survey commissioned by the Diocese of Brentwood, England, titled “Believing, Not Belonging: A research into why Catholics no longer come to Church: Ecclesial drift, estrangement, and disaffiliation.” The study’s stated purpose is to find out why fallen-away Catholics fell away.

That’s a noble cause, but anyone reading the report can see its conclusions were decided before the first question was even asked and that its entire methodology was flawed by false presuppositions.

What are those presuppositions? The first and most glaring is that the Church’s purpose is to be “welcoming.” If this is so, then it’s the Church’s duty to adapt herself to those who feel disenfranchised from her.

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