Archbishop Removes Faculties, Seeks to Seize Property of Priest for Publishing Alleged ‘Heavenly Messages’

A U.S. archbishop has removed the priestly faculties of a priest who went ahead and published what he believes to be “heavenly messages” after being warned not to, asserting that he was urged by God to supercede his bishop’s authority because of the grave current condition of the Catholic Church.

Reverend Gustavo García-Siller; MSpS, Archbishop of San Antonio, took action against Fr. John Mary Foster of the “Mission of Divine Mercy” (MDM), after the priest made public what he felt were divine revelations to his religious community.

In documents bearing the seal of the Archdiocese, García-Siller withdrew Fr. Foster’s faculties, banning him from public ministry, while also suppressing his religious community, the MDM.

Foster is no longer permitted to preach or hear confessions and has been removed from his position as Parochial Vicar at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish in Canyon Lake, Texas.

García-Siller has also ordered the seizure by the Archdiocese of the apostolate’s property.

According to the Archbishop, his severe actions came after canonical warning and admonition one week earlier. “Foster has incorrectly asserted that he does not, during what he claims to be an unprecedented crisis in the Church, owe obedience to legitimate Church authority.”

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