HUGE: Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Catholic Charities Cannot Claim Religious Tax Exemption

Perhaps this ruling will make Catholic organizations rethink providing services like trafficking illegal aliens.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that a major Catholic charity group’s activities were not “primarily” religious under state law, stripping the group of a key tax break and ordering it to pay into the state unemployment system.

Catholic Charities Bureau (CCB) last year argued that the state had improperly removed its designation as a religious organization.

The charity filed a lawsuit after the state said it did not qualify to be considered as an organization “operated primarily for religious purposes.” That order prevented the charity from using a Church-run unemployment system and forced it to contribute money to the state-run unemployment system instead.

In its divided 4-3 ruling on Thursday, the Supreme Court of Wisconsin agreed with the state, upholding a lower court ruling and ordering that Catholic Charities Bureau and its subgroups “offer services that would be the same regardless of the motivation of the provider,” which the court called “a strong indication” that the group does not “operate primarily for religious purposes.”

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