Donors Giving To Dolan Shocked To Learn Where Their Money Went

A growing number of Catholics are blasting Cardinal Timothy Dolan for launching a multi-million dollar annual stewardship appeal amid scathing new findings that he is making New York parishioners unknowingly fund actively-ministering accused sex abusers.  Slamming Dolan’s request for more than $21 million as a “shameless money grab,” Catholics are vowing to defund the New York Archdiocese until the Vatican defrocks the scandal-plagued prelate.

Donors who have funded the New York Archdiocese are now discovering that Dolan has made them uninformed accomplices in his sexual cover-ups owing to a new investigation identifying multiple cases where he is keeping accused sex abusers in parishes and schools and hiding their alleged predation from the public.  Until now, Catholics have been unaware that the beneficiaries of Dolan’s lucrative fundraisers include clerics named in abuse legal filings due to their status as actively-assigned Pastors.  Catholics are outraged that Dolan has made them finance the salaries and benefits of high-ranking Archdiocesan officials like Vocations Director, Father George Sears, who is the subject of a corroborated criminal police complaint alleging that he repeatedly sexually assaulted a seminarian; Monsignor Thomas Derivan, whom Dolan is allowing to head a Bronx parish and elementary school despite a lawsuit reporting that he performed oral sex on a minor; or Vicar for Clergy, Bishop Edmund Whalen, who has been serially covering up sex abuse reports and re-assigning priests after they were named in abuse complaints.  Without the knowledge of donors, Dolan and other bishops compensate high-powered defense attorneys from diocesan funds at rates that can exceed $1,000 an hour.  In exchange for four-figure hourly fees paid from the wallets of unsuspecting Catholics, Dolan tasks these attorneys with explaining away secretly-retained accused priests’ sex scandals and re-victimizing victims in courtrooms.

Dolan is also pledging to funnel some $2 million of revenue into New York’s plush St. John Vianney Center for Retired Priests, a facility that has been dubbed “Dolan’s retirement spa” for accused clergy.  Contributions to the Cardinal’s Annual Stewardship Appeal will support scandal-ridden clerics who frequent the Center like Father Robert Henry, who resides at the retirement home following a sentence of five years’ probation after he pleaded guilty to stealing $270,155 from his parish; accused serial predator, Father Thomas Devery, who resigned in disgrace as Pastor of one of the Archdiocese’s largest parishes and schools after being named in two sex abuse lawsuits; and retired Auxiliary Bishop John O’Hara, who was found to have attempted to interfere in abuse litigation by pressuring potential witnesses from testifying against Dolan and the Archdiocese.  Dolan’s Appeal rewards members of the clergy with comfortable lives after they sexually, financially, and morally preyed upon the Faithful.  While Dolan himself occupies a lavish 15,000-square-foot Manhattan mansion valued at no less than $30 million, he sentences victims to a lifetime of trauma and even the prospect of suicide as a result of the abuse.

In a disturbing new development, Dolan has been caught sending eight-figure donation requests to victims and whistleblowers after covering up their abuse and reprisals.  Victims are stunned that the same prelate who gaslighted them and ignored their sex abuse complaints is now soliciting them to finance his agenda.  One family who received Dolan’s fundraising requests after he retaliated against their son, a seminarian, for exposing sexual predation by his superiors called out the New York prelate’s “insensitivity”, writing, “Is this for real? …  We have already given you the best gift we had, our son, as a seminarian for the priesthood of your diocese, but evidently, you chose to discard this gift … Please do not count on any further gift or support from us.”

Well-meaning Catholics who believe that their parish Sunday collection basket is a safe place to park donations do not realize that the money they drop at the offertory still finds its way into Dolan’s coffers owing to a hefty percentage cut levied upon each parish’s weekly income.  In some cases, bishops demand that as much as 16.5% of the weekly offertory collection be forked over to the diocese.  In the Archdiocese of New York, a report by Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish revealed that in 2021 alone, Dolan assessed the parish $63,707 of its revenue following the removal of its accused predator pastor, Father Thomas Devery.

Dolan is not the first to mislead the Faithful through clerical gifts.  In 2020, a major class action lawsuit accused the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) of deceiving donors who contributed to Peter’s Pence.  The USCCB assured benefactors that funds would be used to “help victims of war, oppression, natural disaster, or disease,” but reports show that as little as 10% of revenue was actually spent for this purpose.  According to the lawsuit, the vast majority of donations collected financed private investments in luxurious condominium developments and Hollywood movies.  The lack of transparency about where the Faithful’s dollars land has already led a Vatican criminal court to convict and sentence top prelate, Cardinal Angelo Becciu, to more than five years in jail.  As New York Catholics are increasingly turning to the Courts to hold Dolan accountable for his cover-ups, it remains to be seen whether Cardinal’s Appeal donors will join defrauded Peter’s Pence donors by filing suit after learning how their money helped finance unholy agendas.

While Dolan hopes to cash in from hardworking Catholics, he has yet to show any remorse for all the parishes he has desecrated with credibly accused priests; for the holy seminarians who will never be ordained because they refused to be complicit with sexual scandals; or for the abuse victims whose lives may never be whole again because of his cover-ups.  By refusing to fund Dolan’s 2024 Cardinal’s Appeal, scores of Faithful are making their voices heard that accused bishops and priests will no longer find their sex lives, abuses, and cover-ups financed at the expense of their flock.

To watch the investigative report, “From Predators to Pastors,” which uncovers accused sex abusers Dolan is quietly keeping in ministry, visit:

Gene Thomas Gomulka is a sexual abuse victims’ advocate, investigative reporter, and screenwriter. A former Navy (O6) Captain/Chaplain, seminary instructor, and diocesan respect life director, Gomulka was ordained a priest for the Altoona-Johnstown diocese and later made a Prelate of Honor (Monsignor) by St. John Paul II.  Follow Gene Gomulka on YouTube or email him at