A Catechism to Save Biden’s Soul

For any who may need a catechism refresher, Biden’s statements on the House floor would qualify as grave external violations of the First and Fifth Commandments. They contain irreverence, scandal, and moral cooperation in murder.

In the span of a few brief centuries, what was once an uncharted wilderness has risen to become the single most powerful nation on earth: the United States of America.

This great nation is currently governed by a President who claims to be Roman Catholic: a tenure of Church–State relations that should have been cause for universal rejoicing and incredible victories for the salvation of souls, the exaltation of Holy Mother Church, and the social reign of Christ the King.

Instead, President Joe Biden has done the opposite.

Continuing a long train of lamentably anti-Catholic acts of governance, Biden’s recent State of the Union Address engaged an audience of millions—indeed, of billions around the world—to advocate for “reproductive freedom,” promising to “restore Roe v. Wade as the law of the land,” so that women in our fine country might kill their own children at will, and with government underwriting to boot.

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