WATCH: New Ad Exposes How Biden (and Bishops) are Exploiting the Poor


Biden benefits politically while bishop bank billions.

The largest US lay Catholic advocacy organization is going up with TV ads in three 2024 swing states, flaming President Biden — America’s second-ever Roman Catholic president — over his failure to secure the southern border.

CatholicVote’s six-figure ad buy will target observant voters in Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin — all states where Biden narrowly defeated Donald Trump in 2020 — and aims to show the suffering taking place due to Biden’s inaction on illegal immigration.

The ad, shared exclusively with The Post, highlights the suffering migrants undergo during their trek through Mexico, including threats from “rapists, drug smugglers, human traffickers and criminals.”

“They raped us so many times … they didn’t see us as human beings anymore,” the ad quotes one testimony.

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TAKE ACTION: Tell Bishops to stop enabling the illegal invasion of our nation.


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