WATCH: From Predators to Pastors?


Cardinal Dolan has New York Catholics unknowingly funding accused sex abusers.

More than 3,300 recent sex abuse lawsuits in New York State naming 2 cardinals, 11 bishops, and over 1,100 priests have brought to light explosive new revelations against Cardinal Timothy Dolan and other Church leaders.  After the Child Victims Act and Adult Survivors Act brought to light some of the New York Archdiocese’s darkest sexual secrets, a new investigation has uncovered multiple cases where Dolan is still keeping prominent priests named in legal filings in parishes and schools.

The report identifies accused priests Dolan has kept in ministry in the face of egregious sexual allegations.  Examples revealed in the investigation include a priest Dolan allowed to remain “Pastor” of a prestigious Manhattan parish while being named in 11 sex abuse lawsuits; a current New York Archdiocese official Dolan is rewarding with high positions despite the fact that he is the subject of a sex abuse criminal police complaint; and a priest Dolan is keeping as head of a New York parish after he admitted committing sexual misconduct with a seminarian.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) calls for accused priests to be removed “primarily to assure that children are not in danger should it prove true that the cleric has committed acts of abuse.” The investigation reveals that Dolan is repeatedly failing to do so.

Victims’ legal complaints recount graphic sexual abuse by high-ranking priests and maintain that their abuse could have been avoided had the New York Archdiocese been transparent about their alleged abusers.  Without concern for the safety of children and vulnerable adults, Dolan is leaving a number of these priests at the helm of New York parishes and elementary schools, many times without ever revealing the priests’ reported abuses to the public.

In 2018, Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley reported Dolan to Pope Francis’ U.S. representative, Cardinal Christophe Pierre, for keeping a predator priest in ministry despite a large settlement paid to one of his victims. More than five years later, the Vatican has yet to discipline the New York prelate.

Catholics who are outraged by Dolan hiding accused priests in their parishes are beginning to take their fight for accountability to the Courts.  The investigation cites the case of St. Frances de Chantal parishioners in the Bronx who filed suit against Dolan after he failed to remove their accused disgraced Pastor, Father Peter Miqueli.  Dolan was discovered to have sidelined complaints that Miqueli embezzled over $1 million from parish funds to pay for “drug-fueled sex romps.”  It has been unknown to the public until now that Miqueli is also the subject of a separate lawsuit accusing him of sexually abusing a minor around the same time Dolan was burying misconduct complaints against him.

The internal Church “investigations” Dolan routinely uses to hide credible allegations have proven incapable of addressing sexual abuse. These so-called “investigations” are often plagued with deceptive tactics and conflicts of interest; discard critical evidence needed to objectively investigate allegations; fail to interview witnesses; and often re-victimize clerical abuse victims.

Dolan sends a strong message that he stands with predators instead of victims every time he fails to warn parishioners and leaves accused sex abusers in parishes and schools.  The damning revelations come as Dolan launches his annual Cardinal’s Appeal touting a goal to rake in more than $21 million from New York parishioners.  A growing number of Catholics who see how their contributions are being used to fund accused priests secretly kept in ministry are withholding their donations until Dolan is laicized.  Until the Vatican defrocks Dolan for secretly promoting accused priests, more victims will be harmed because they never knew their abusers went from Predators to Pastors.

Catholics who wish to support clerical sex abuse and reprisal victims instead of funding accused sex abusers are invited to contribute to the Save Our Seminarians Fund at:

Anyone who wishes to share additional information about abuse cover-ups may write to Gene Thomas Gomulka, clerical sex abuse victims’ advocate, at