Pope Francis Has Dubious Moral Credibility

Catholics have to reconcile with a pope who largely does not represent them in the most pivotal of societal issues.

On Friday, Pope Francis condemned gender ideology at an international conference: “It is very important that there is this meeting, this meeting between men and women, because today the ugliest danger is gender ideology, which cancels out differences.”

He said it was dangerous because it “makes everything the same.” He added that “erasing differences is erasing humanity. Man and woman, however, are in a fruitful ‘tension.’”

The purpose of the conference was to prioritize the “necessary promotion of human and Christian vocations” in the midst of atheistic ideologies that seek to strike down the core fundamentals of the church.

Interestingly, the pope seemed to hold such an ideology not even a full year ago. On Dec. 18, 2023, Francis fundamentally subverted millennia of Catholic doctrine by endorsing the ability to bless “couples in irregular situations and same-sex couples.”

The Vatican attempts to play coy on the matter in its declaration by making sure the public knows that it does not endorse irregular and same-sex marriages. But what it does include is enough to reveal the pope’s true motives: to make blessings socially acceptable. The declaration reads: “It offers a specific and innovative contribution to the pastoral meaning of blessings, permitting a broadening and enrichment of the classical understanding of blessings.”

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