WATCH: The Church’s Enemies Are Inside Her Gates, But Remain Faithful!


Catholics Unscripted – Gavin Ashenden, Katherine Bennett and Mark Lambert – speak with Bishop Joseph Strickland about the current crisis in the Church. Bishop Strickland discusses the contradictions and confusion within the Catholic Church. He addresses the authoritarian approach of some US bishops compared to the open heretical positions of bishops in other countries. The conversation explores the rejection of objective truth and the elevation of niceness and kindness above worship and holiness. Bishop Strickland also discusses the deliberate reconfiguration of authority within the Church and the threats to traditional practices like the Latin Mass. The importance of recognizing rightful authority and the responsibility of parents in education are highlighted. The conversation covers the role of parents in sex education, dealing with cultural decline and changing laws, identifying the enemy inside the church, the Synod as the enemy, knowing the true Jesus, and finding strength in the Good Shepherd.