Flashback: Illegals Using Catholic Charities To Avoid Deportation

Immigrants crossing the border illegally are shielding themselves from ICE by listing Catholic Charities addresses as their intended destinations.

That makes it nearly impossible for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to serve them with their initial immigration court summons, gumming up the courts and giving the migrants a way to avoid the initial step in their deportation cases.

The result is when ICE does catch up, officers have to start the deportation process anew.

Catholic Charities and Homeland Security both acknowledged the practice is happening, but disagreed on who was to blame. The department said it has to accept any valid addresses migrants provide. The nonprofit group said it’s a symptom of a “broken” immigration system.

Immigration officers, though, said the nonprofit and the migrants appear to be acting in concert to shield the newcomers. The summons, officially known as a Notice to Appear or NTA, is what alerts the immigration courts that a migrant has been put into deportation proceedings.

“If we don’t serve a notice to appear to them, they aren’t placed into proceedings,” one officer said. “So the true backlog is not being accurately portrayed.”

That officer figured more than 10% of migrants in their region were using the tactic.

If that were true nationally, it would mean tens of thousands of migrants each month are using Catholic Charities and other nonprofits to avoid the initial steps in their deportation.

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