People are Policy: Meet the New Advisors to the Synod

The Catholic League has long criticized Catholic dissidents for their unrelenting condemnations of Catholic Church teachings. When they are selected to serve as advisors to the Vatican, that is even more problematic.

Three of the new consultors to the Synod, which will conclude its four-year term in October, are open about their dissident status. They clearly differ with the pope, as well as with the Catholic Catechism.

The Shepherd: Struggles, Reasons, and Thoughts on His Papacy was published last year. It features the pope’s responses to questions posed by Argentine journalist Sergio Rubin. When asked about ordaining women, the Holy Father made it clear that “holy orders is reserved for men.”

Breaking from this Church teaching is Sister Birgit Weiler, professor of theology at the Pontifical Catholic University. “I believe it must be possible for women who feel called to do so to be admitted to the priesthood.”

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