Why Are CALIFORNIA Bishops Blasting Ken Paxton for Trying to Curb Illegal Immigration in TEXAS?

Might these bishops be concerned about the millions of dollars they receive in taxpayer funds to aid illegal aliens?

The Catholic bishops of California this week released a statement expressing their support of the Texas bishops and the Annunciation House, a migrant shelter that TX Attorney General Ken Paxton recently filed a lawsuit against.

Paxton announced on February 20 that he filed a lawsuit against the Catholic volunteer-run shelter, located in El Paso, after his office “reviewed significant public record information strongly suggesting” that the House was “facilitating illegal entry to the United States, alien harboring, human smuggling, and operating a stash house.”

“It is shameful that the Texas Attorney General would file suit against Annunciation House in El Paso,” the California Bishops Conference stated on February 27:

For a country that was founded by immigrants from Europe seeking religious freedom and tolerance, we find the actions of the Texas AG abhorrent in attempting to curtail the work of people of faith.

Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso last week also criticized the lawsuit, arguing that the House “has been an effective, compassionate local response to a complex and broken immigration system”…. Shortly after Seitz’s response, the other bishops of Texas issued a statement in support of Seitz.

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