FLASHBACK: Who’s Helping Biden Facilitate America’s Border Crisis?

In 2022, Heritage uncovered that Catholic Charities and other non government organizations have been working with the Biden administration to help move migrants across the country. This week, Mike Howell, director of Heritage’s Oversight Project, will explain the investigation and how the mass resettlement of illegal aliens is impacting nearly every congressional district in America.


Cordero: In fiscal year 2022, a record 2.7 million illegal aliens crossed the border according to the US Customs and Border Protection. That number is more than a million higher than last year, which was also a record breaking year. And it keeps getting worse.

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Clip: Illegal migrants meanwhile surged at the southern border ahead of the end of Title 42. Look at this group. This is the biggest group we’ve ever seen. Next week, Title 42 will go away. But look at what happened yesterday. Over 1000 migrants crossing into El Paso, Texas on Sunday. After Mexican police escorted and released nearly 20 buses full of migrants to various non-government organizations in a Mexican town near the U.S. border.

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