WATCH: Steve Bannon BLASTS Catholic Bishops


On his War Room program on Monday morning, February 26, 2024, Steve Bannon blasted Catholic bishops for their role in the illegal alien invasion and their complicity in the transgender debacle at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Bannon was reacted to the news that Bishop Mark Seitz, head of the Migration Committee for the United States Conference of Bishops, was attacking Ken Paxton for trying to shut down a Catholic shelter that has been trafficking illegal aliens.

Bannon also condemned Cardinal Timothy Dolan for the sacrilegious LGBT funeral that was allowed to take place under his watch at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Bishops to stop enabling the illegal invasion of our nation


TAKE ACTION: Contact Cardinal Timothy Dolan at or 212.371.1000 and let him know what you think about this incident in his Archdiocese of New York.