WATCH: Bishop Joseph Strickland Says Catholics Were Targeted by FBI Because They Are Pro-Life

The FBI’s targeting of Catholics sounds “much more like Nazi Germany or communist Russia than the United States,” Bishop Joseph Strickland said.

Breitbart News’s Matthew Perdie interviewed Strickland on Thursday at CPAC 2024 in National Harbor, Maryland, about the FBI’s investigation into traditional Catholic churches.

As Breitbart News reported, a leaked memo last year from the FBI’s Richmond office stated that violent extremists’ “interest” in “radical-traditionalist Catholic” ideology was growing and that it therefore presented an opportunity for the FBI to engage with certain churches in an attempt to goad the churches’ leadership into serving as FBI “tripwires,” who would operate like unofficial informants to the FBI. House Republicans have since discovered that multiple field offices appeared to be involved in crafting the memo and that the FBI allegedly interviewed a priest and a church choir director.

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