Bishop Rhoades Condemns Paxton’s Attempt To Curb Catholic Organizations Enabling Illegal Immigration

Bishop Kevin Rhoades of Fort Wayne-South Bend, Indiana this week issued a statement arguing that faith-driven ministries should be free to “meet the basic human needs of migrants.”

Rhoades’ statement comes shortly after Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso criticized Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s attempt to shut down a Catholic-run nonprofit migrant shelter. Rhoades is the chairman of the United States Council of Catholic Bishops’ Committee for Religious Liberty.

“It is hard to imagine what our country would look like without the good works that people of faith carry out in the public square. For this, we can thank our strong tradition of religious liberty, which allows us to live out our faith in full,” Rhoades stated in a February 26 USCCB press release.

Rhoades praised the Catholic bishops of Texas for their February 23 statement defending migrant ministries operated by Catholic volunteers.

The Texan bishops “[expressed] solidarity with ministry volunteers and people of faith who seek only to serve vulnerable migrants as our nation and state continue to pursue failed migration and border security policies.”

The Texas bishops’ statement also supported Bishop Seitz and his defense of the migrant shelter that TX AG Paxton aimed to shut down through a recently-filed lawsuit.

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