WATCH: Bishop Weisenburger Complicit in the Illegal Invasion of America

Fox News reporter Rachel Campos-Duffy shares what she found when trying to investigate an unmarked hotel reportedly housing illegal immigrants in Tucson, AZ. The hotel is apparently being operated by Casa Alitas, a program of Catholic Community Services which operates under the Diocese of Tuscon.

This isn’t the first time Bishop Weisenburger has come under scrutiny for housing illegal aliens. Early this month, James O’Keefe reported on another housing complex for illegal aliens being operated by Catholic Community Services in Tuscon. Weisenburger reportedly responded to inquiries at that time by gaslighting people with the argument that individuals being served by his diocese were not undocumented.

TAKE ACTION: Catholic Community Services is a part of the Diocese of Tucson. Contact the Bishop of Tuscon, Bishop Edward Weisenburger at or 520.838.2500 and let him know what you think about him trafficking illegal aliens.