Procession of the Prostitutes

The playbook of the French Revolution has come to New York City.  Once again, we are seeing the attempted destruction of an existing class system, and with it the Catholic Church.

Those who recall Kathy Griffin’s photo of a decapitated Donald Trump will recognize the parallels to the beheading of Louis XVI of as the symbolic and real beheading of the French aristocracy.

For the revolutionists of New York City, the person they see as the king of capitalism must die, and along with him the moral foundations of the rule of law as formerly known and undergirded by the Christian church. The old capitalist aristocracy will be beheaded, first by the confiscation of its wealth and properties, as Attorney General Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron (who resembles an aged Maximilien Robespierre) have decreed.

The lawfare of the Left will enable the destruction and eventual reconstruction of major societal institutions, including the Catholic Church.

Trump has seen the desire of the Left to tear down Christianity’s foundations, protesting their desire to remove the symbol of the cross. Doubtless, he and others opposed to the Left’s most current outrages have observed the recent attack by trans activists on the Catholic cathedral of St. Patrick’s in New York City.

There, a celebratory ritual invented by leaders of New York’s trans cult defiled the liturgy of the Catholic mass. The revolutionaries’ ceremony celebrated the tenets of the transgender faith, the occasion essentially being turned into a beatification ceremony for Cecilia Gentili, a trans activist.

As the Los Angeles Times noted:

“Videos of Gentili’s funeral show an estimated audience of more than 1,000 celebrants, including transgender people and other friends and supporters, chanting her name, applauding, singing and offering praise of her stature as a leading light of the city’s LGBTQ+ community…During one eulogy that was widely circulated on social media, Gentili was celebrated as ‘St. Cecilia, the mother of all whores.’”

As the trans cult was celebrated in St. Parick’s cathedral, similarly, the new faith represented by the goddess of Liberty and Reason was celebrated in the cathedral of Notre Dame, the objective being to humiliate and degrade the Christian faith and mores.

The alternative to the Christian faith was proposed by leading luminaries who planned a secular ceremony devoted to the goddess of Reason and Liberty Similarly, the new trans St. Cecilia was meant to replace the image of St. Mary, the mother of Christ.

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TAKE ACTION: Contact Cardinal Timothy Dolan at or 212.371.1000 and let him know what you think about this incident in his Archdiocese of New York.