EXCLUSIVE: Dolan Has Been Desecrating The Temple For Years – Why Are People Just Noticing Now?

The funeral of trans-gender activist Cecilia Gentili at New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral sent shockwaves across the media and sparked outrage among many Catholics.  As videos showed pews filled with cross-dressing “worshippers” in provocative attire and participants proclaiming blasphemous words from the ambo, Catholics were scandalized when Cardinal Dolan hailed the celebrant, Father Edward Dougherty, as a “hero.”  What many among the Faithful fail to realize is that with Dolan at the helm of the New York Archdiocese, this news should come as no surprise.  They have already been silent witnesses to Dolan profaning the Temple for decades every time he allowed clerical sex scandals to carry on unfettered in his parishes; secretly allowed credibly accused priests to celebrate Masses and sacraments; destroyed holy vocations; or trampled upon clerical sex abuse victims.

In 2015, then-Pastor of New York’s St. Frances de Chantal parish, Father Peter Miqueli, and his gay-for-pay prostitute, Keith Crist, made the front pages of New York newspapers with lurid headlines like, “‘Sex slave’ priest wanted a threesome with my boyfriend.” Documents show that Crist’s girlfriend, Tatyana Gudin, who was aware of her boyfriend’s sexual involvement with Miqueli, reported the perverse details to Dolan.  When it became clear to Gudin that Dolan had no intention of stopping Miqueli’s sex acts, Gudin wrote, “Cardinal Dolan, you had many opportunities to put an end to this. And you didn’t. By your deliberate indifference, you have allowed Miqueli to cause harm to himself and many other people. Cardinal Dolan, you will never be able to say you didn’t know.”  It was only after St. Frances de Chantal parishioners filed suit against Miqueli, Crist, Dolan, and the New York Archdiocese (ADNY), that Miqueli stepped down as Pastor. The suit slammed Dolan for protecting “Miqueli’s illegal scheme” and charged Miqueli with embezzling nearly $1 million to pay for male prostitutes, lavish vacations, drugs and a New Jersey home where he could carry on his gay lifestyle in private.  Irate parishioners remarked, “He [Miqueli] abused his people … and the ADNY did nothing to come to our aid when it was happening, did nothing to stop it, and is now putting a cosmetic spin on the disgrace that they allowed to continue, casting doubt on the veracity, decency and integrity of the abused parishioners.”  Some five years later, Miqueli was found dead in his New Jersey home that had a “sex dungeon” in the basement where it is alleged that he had a number of drug-fueled “alleged ‘pee drinking’ sex romps” with Crist. Gudin and others closely involved in the case believe “Cardinal Dolan deceived the public while turning his back on his spiritual son, allowing him to live – and die – in spiritual squalor.

Miqueli was not the first priest Cardinal Dolan kept in sacred ministry after receiving word of egregious sexual behavior.  In 2021, an investigation revealed that Dolan buried sex abuse allegations against his former Director of Priest Personnel, Father Thomas Devery, for nearly five years and named him Pastor of one of the Archdiocese’s largest parishes and elementary schools.  The priest Dolan appointed to succeed Devery as Priest Personnel Director, Monsignor Edward Weber, would himself face accusations of sexually abusing a boy at least 150 times.  After victims’ advocates exposed Devery’s alleged abuse and Dolan’s cover-up, a second victim came forward and Devery resigned in disgrace.  Recent media reports also revealed how Dolan tasked Father George Sears with recruiting the Archdiocese’s new priestly vocations after Sears was accused of sexually assaulting a seminarian.  While Dolan is keeping Sears in ministry as Vocations Director and Pastor of Holy Name of Jesus-St. Gregory the Great Parish in Manhattan, he has yet to inform the public about the sexual allegations against Sears after they were reported more than four years ago.

While Dolan has defiled parishes and schools with accused priests, he has also desecrated new priestly vocations who wished to give themselves in service to God’s people.  In 2021, a bombshell lawsuit revealed Cardinal Dolan’s role in a scheme to retaliate against former seminarian Anthony Gorgia at the Pontifical North American College (NAC) in Rome because he objected to then-vice rector Father Adam Park’s sexual predation on NAC seminarians. Rather than act upon credible reports against Park, Dolan vindictively ended Gorgia’s vocation to prevent him from exposing sexual misconduct taking place at the NAC. After sworn statements of multiple NAC seminarians against Dolan, Park, and then-rector Father Peter Harman were exposed in the media and found “credible” by a former FBI Special Agent in Charge, Park and Harman stepped down from their posts in disgrace.   These NAC seminarians join a massive list of sex abuse and reprisal victims whose ordeals Dolan covered up throughout his decades-long career in St. Louis, Missouri; Washington D.C.; Rome; Milwaukee; and New York.

While the New York Archdiocese claims that a “Mass of Reparation” was offered at St. Patrick’s Cathedral following the trans-activist’s funeral, Dolan has yet to offer any contrition or atonement for all the sacred altars he has desecrated with credibly accused priests; for the holy seminarians who will never be ordained because they refused to be complicit with sexual scandals; or for the clerical sex abuse victims whose lives may never be whole again because of the scars caused by Dolan’s cover-ups.  For the most part, fellow Catholics have reacted to these sacrileges not with outrage, but with continued donations that helped cement Dolan’s rise to power.   How long will Catholics watch quietly while Dolan continues to profane the altar of God?

To learn more about recent calls for the Vatican to laicize Cardinal Dolan, watch: “UNDER COVER OF DARKNESS: New Sexual Cover-Ups Indict Cardinal Dolan, Bishop DiMarzio, and the Vatican”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XAUrqyx3aQ

Gene Thomas Gomulka is a sexual abuse victims’ advocate, investigative reporter, and screenwriter. A former Navy (O6) Captain/Chaplain, seminary instructor, and diocesan respect life director, Gomulka was ordained a priest for the Altoona-Johnstown diocese and later made a Prelate of Honor (Monsignor) by St. John Paul II. Follow Gene Gomulka on YouTube.