WATCH: Highlights from the Sacrilegious Funeral at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Here’s a punch list from The Pillar.

While the criticisms of Gentili’s funeral liturgy were varied, the majority of them seemed to focus on the propriety of the liturgy itself:

  • That the priest celebrant consistently used feminine pronouns for Gentili, describing the deceased as “our sister,” and using a name apart from Gentili’s baptismal name,
  • That the steps to the sanctuary were decorated by attendees with LGBT-themed flags and similar items,
  • That participants celebrated Cecilia as a “whore,” a “puta,” and as the “mother of whores,” in a manner that seemed to glamorize prostitution,
  • That the intercessory prayers included a call for “gender-affirming” healthcare,
  • That prayers to the Blessed Virgin Mary were interrupted, with a participant shouting “Ave Cecilia” over the “Ave Maria,” and dancing around the deceased’s casket,
  • That “words of remembrance” were offered by the deceased’s male partner, which focused on their union, and by a transgender person who referred to “girls like me” from the cathedral’s pulpit,
  • That some “words of remembrance” focused on political advocacy regarding transgender issues,
  • That a transgender person could be seen kissing another man in the Church’s sanctuary while “words of remembrance” were offered,
  • That the liturgy included raucous chanting and interruptions at various times,
  • The the deceased was frequently celebrated as a “saint” during the liturgy.

Believe it or not, Cardinal Timothy Dolan actually praised Fr. Edward Dougherty, the priest who officiated the funeral.

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