The Church and the Devil

If the Church is doing the Devil’s will, why does he attack it?

In case you didn’t know, the Internet is full of videos bashing the Catholic Church. Most of these are produced by fundamentalist or born-again Christians, some of whom are ex-Catholics. They insist that they do not hate Catholics. Their only concern, they say, is to help Catholics learn the truth.

You probably know most of their complaints: the Catholic Church is unbiblical; it elevates tradition over scripture; it encourages Catholics to worship Mary; it teaches that we are saved by works not by faith; and it falsely posits the existence of purgatory.

While watching one of these videos it struck me that the presenter seemed to have no idea of what’s been happening in the Catholic Church over the last 10 years. And this seemed to be the case with other such presentations. Either they were ignorant of recent events in the Church or they didn’t quite know how to handle them.

Instead, they merely rehash criticisms that go back to the reformers—criticisms that have been thoroughly rebutted by Catholic scholars and apologists over the years.

So, it was refreshing to come across a video that was actually up-to-date about what’s wrong with the Catholic Church. The video which is entitle “The Pope Francis End-Time Apostasy,” is produced and narrated by Jonathan Cahn who is described as a Christian pastor and a messianic Jew.

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