Despicable Dolan: ‘We Don’t Do FBI Checks on People Who Want to be Buried’

If the press actually contacted the Archdiocese the night before the funeral, then Dolan is lying about not knowing who the funeral was for.

Priests at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City were surprised by the “irreverence and disrespect” that occurred during a funeral for a transgender activist last week, Cardinal Timothy Dolan said, in his first public comments on it.

“We didn‘t know the background. We don’t do FBI checks on people who want to be buried,” Cardinal Dolan, the archbishop of New York, said during his podcast Tuesday.

He said cathedral staff try to be welcoming when someone requests a funeral.

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“All they know is somebody called and said, ‘Our dear friend died. We‘d love to have the funeral at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It would be a great source of consolation. She‘s a Catholic. It would be a great source of consolation for us, her family and friends.’ And of course, the priest at the cathedral said, ‘Come on in. You’re more than welcome,’ ” Cardinal Dolan said.

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