Catholic Apostolate Demands Official Investigation Into St. Patrick’s Cathedral Debacle

We announced that we have sent two letters to both the Attorney General of New York and the District Attorney of New York County. We are demanding that they open an investigation into what was likely a hate crime.

Our team did their research. We discovered that the New York Hate Crimes Act prohibits persons from selecting a victim based on their belief or perception regarding religion or religious practice. Why did they choose a Catholic church? Why not a Protestant church, Jewish synagogue, or mosque?

You and I know exactly why they chose St. Patrick’s.

They mocked our saints. They mocked our prayers. They danced in the aisles and desecrated a cathedral that was paid for with the contributions of thousands of poor, faithful Catholic immigrants.

They also lied and misled church officials about what they had planned. Trans activists told the New York Times they kept their true intentions “under wraps.” And in a separate video in advance of the service, the service organizer bragged and laughed about how they had deceived the church.

In New York, criminal trespass based on a religion or religious practice is a hate crime. And New York’s courts have recognized that those who gain access to property by deception are liable for criminal trespass.

Will law enforcement officials act?

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  • Call New York Attorney General Letitia James’ office at 518-776-2000or 800-771-7755 and demand the trespassing activists be prosecuted
  • Email James’ office:
  • Tag @NewYorkStateAG on X, and Instagram, and Facebook and comment on their posts
  • Call New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office at 212-335-9000, 212-864-7884, or 212-335-3320
  • Tag @ManhattanDA on X and Instagram and @ManhattanDistrictAttorney on Facebook and comment on their posts
  • Spread awareness of this “spiritual insurrection” on social media
  • Say the Fatima Prayer for Reparation and the Conversion of Sinners: