LGBT Activists Demand Public Apology from St. Patrick’s Cathedral

This is what happens when modernist clerics turn over the Church to pagans.

The organization Gays & Lesbians Living in a Transgender Society (GLITS) on Tuesday announced that it would hold a press conference Wednesday “to request an explanation from St. Patrick’s Cathedral” for what they described as “cutting short the funeral mass service of Cecilia Gentili.”

In a press release sent via email, GLITS stated that its press conference would be held at noon on Wednesday, February 21, at City Hall Park. The organization said it will demand “a public apology” for the “painfully dismissive and exclusionary language” the Cathedral used in a statement after the scandalous incident.

As CatholicVote previously reported:

On Thursday, February 15, a crowd of LGBTQ activists held a funeral for Cecilia Gentili at the historic St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, New York. Gentili was “a transgender activist and actress, former sex worker and self-professed atheist,” according to the New York Times. Gentili passed away on February 6 at age 52.

The mob … eulogized [Gentili] as: “This whore. This great whore. St. Cecilia, Mother of all Whores!”

During the service, participants, many of them wearing extravagant drag, repeatedly interrupted the priest and broke into loud chants. One reveler took to the podium to pray for “access” to “gender-affirming healthcare” – a cause the Catholic Church opposes.

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TAKE ACTION: Contact Cardinal Timothy Dolan at or 212.371.1000 and let him know what you think about this incident in his Archdiocese of New York.